America, fuck yeah?

November 15, 2010

An open letter to the inhabitants of a free and glorious nation.

Dear US-Americans, being from a different cultural background I have some problems grasping how you roll. Let’s check some things to make sure you know what I’m talking about: Read the rest of this entry »


Let’s say I’m wrong…

September 3, 2010

…and there really IS a creator. An almighty entity who made the universe and everything else (including himself apparently).
You have to admit (but won’t) that this still doesn’t make it very likely that it is your abrahamic God. To believe in Creation makes things even more complicated. Here’s a bunch of questions which come to my mind when I think about Creation: Read the rest of this entry »

Religious Quotes

April 25, 2010

Hey! Was a long time since the last post, eh? Well, today I have no original content to contribute, but some (famous) quotes over a much quoted and discussed topic: God. Read the rest of this entry »


December 6, 2009

It’s hard to write a new post after my last ones. I discussed some pretty big and serious topics and staying in that league is not easy. I could write about how organic farming is the only way to save our world (climate, pollution, world hunger, …) or about lobbying, corporations and politics. But I don’t know if you’re reading my long posts at all. Well, they are long and tl;dr happens fast. Especially if it’s a topic you can’t feel comfortable about while reading.

A post about space pirates fighting female vampire ninjas while covering friend-zoning, conspiracy theories and Chinese horoscopes too would certainly attract more attention and would be a lot more entertaining to read – sure. But I’m a hopeless idealist and still trying to make the world a better place, which is not going to happen by posting about the above mentioned things.Sorry, folks. 😉

So I still don’t know where I’m trying to go with this blog. What do you want to see here?

The aftermath of our nutrition

November 17, 2009

I wrote in my  last post about the world poor and our responsibility towards them. The biggest trouble with being poor is obviously not having enough to eat. Theoretically, there is enough to feed the 6,8 Billion people on our planet. We produce more food than ever – but there are still 30 Mio. people dying of malnutrition and its aftermath. Read the rest of this entry »

Our responsibility

November 2, 2009

Every one of you knows, that there is an astonishing amount of severe poor and malnourished people in our world. You may get a short moment of bad conscience if I tell you that worldwide 38.000 children under the age of 5 die every day because they are underfed, don’t have clean water or no medicaments (in fact, every 5th newborn has the fate of an early childhood death) but alas, this moment won’t (presumably) last long: It’s easier to feel sympathy for your neighbors than for somebody on the other side of the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Religion of peace?

October 24, 2009

Inspired by the “No God – No peace/Know God – Know Peace” trending topics on twitter I do want to know how any half educated human being can think that these equations are working. History tells us pretty much on every page in its book a completely different story.

I don’t want to say that people who consider religion important are dumb (even if there is some data which tells us exactly that):

Religion and IQ are strongly negatively correlated (-.886). See:

Religion and IQ are strongly negatively correlated (-.886). See:

Some of my best friends are people of faith and I wouldn’t consider them unintelligent. It just seems as if religion is successfully blocking some ideas. Maybe religion has to be narrow minded up to a special point to work properly – who knows?

One of those ideas is, to return to the beginning of my statement, the one about it being quite possible to lead an ethical and moral life without believing in a greater being and its holy words. Read the rest of this entry »

Changed the title

October 23, 2009

Time told that there is something appearing on this page. The first name of this blog was Xiagan’s fabolous diary of ordinary things, with the tagline There’s stuff out there: Ordinary, normal, plain, common and simple. So I’m not writing about it (yet). But as I found out, there is no ordinary stuff I want to write about now -but there are other things. Common? Yes. Simple? Nope, alas not.

More to follow soon, stay tuned!

It all depends on what your definition of “blog” is!

October 4, 2009

Aren’t there enough blogs out in the word yet? Probably not, but I’m not the one to add another one now. Time will tell if something will appear on this page or not. 🙂