Religion of peace?

Inspired by the “No God – No peace/Know God – Know Peace” trending topics on twitter I do want to know how any half educated human being can think that these equations are working. History tells us pretty much on every page in its book a completely different story.

I don’t want to say that people who consider religion important are dumb (even if there is some data which tells us exactly that):

Religion and IQ are strongly negatively correlated (-.886). See:

Religion and IQ are strongly negatively correlated (-.886). See:

Some of my best friends are people of faith and I wouldn’t consider them unintelligent. It just seems as if religion is successfully blocking some ideas. Maybe religion has to be narrow minded up to a special point to work properly – who knows?

One of those ideas is, to return to the beginning of my statement, the one about it being quite possible to lead an ethical and moral life without believing in a greater being and its holy words.

I mean, come on! You can’t refrain from murder, rape and stealing if there is no almighty entity which will torture you for eternity if you do it? How pitiful and wretched is that? Doesn’t sounds like I want to have you as my neighbor. Especially if, as in most holy books, the commandments are only valid inside the own fold (see the Old Testament for example. So much bloodshed…).

We all got raised and educated inside a society where we learned quite early that some things are not okay. Of course you may say that our western society is largely affected by Christian ethics and our values are easily retractable to the ten commandments but since most people all over the world have similar norms and rules (yeah, sure, some are allowed to marry more than one partner at the same time, others have to steal a cattle to become a man, but the bigger stuff, like don’t kill one of us, don’t steal from your neighbor, don’t lie to your family, etc is nearly everywhere valid) I think it is more plausible to say that religion adapted working systems (no society is working if everybody is allowed to take what he wants – in fact that’d be the natural state of Hobbes and Locke where the strongest prevails). Humans are social beings and to survive we need a set of rules.

Yes, there are murderers, rapists, thieves, robbers, frauds, etc out there but not even an advocate of religion would have the heart to say that all the black sheep are solely atheists (if that’d be the case there would be no sense in confessing sins, since you either don’t believe in them or don’t do them).

It would be an interesting study to investigate if stuff like believing in the original sin and the possibility to confess sins makes people more prone to committing sins/doing crimes, because they believe in being tainted from the start and have a possibility to get away with clean hands nevertheless (maybe not in this life, if they get caught by the wrong people, e.g. secular authorities or the ones they harmed, but certainly in the next). Protestants may not be able to confess sins like the catholic, but as far as I know they can confide in Jesus who already died for their sins. Works like a Get out of jail free card in Monopoly.

I’m quite sure that a lot of wars, conflicts and persecutions originated from different belief systems clashing (or a belief system clashing with an unbelief system [2, 3]). Just think on the Christian Crusades against the Muslims, the (Spanish) Inquisition, the burning of witches, the persecution of the Huguenots by the Catholics, the persecution of Jews every now and then (and last in the Third Reich), the treatment of the Armenians by Muslims, leading in a genocide, 9/11 if it wasn’t an inside job …

The sad story of people hating and killing each other (for not believing in their god[s]) goes on and on and surprisingly Norway, a country with an atheist rate of over 70%, is not taking part.

I don’t want everybody to stop believing in higher entities (okay, to be honest, that’s a lie), but I do want everybody to think a bit for themselves and to not accept and do everything a rhetorical experienced fanatic (or the religious brainwash they got as children) told them to. Because we should know and fear whereto that leads.


1   See

2   Check out the sad but funny hate mail here:

3   More hate concerning the No God trending topic on twitter:

Here a small image gallery underlining my statements:


2 Responses to “Religion of peace?”

  1. daidalos Says:

    Well, I disagree. But I respect your opinion!
    (That one is actually from redvsblue ;))

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    […] right thing to raise responsible and open-minded citizens (see my other blog post about the ‘Religion of Peace‘). If the Islamic world and not the western/Christian was the dominating one, it’s out […]

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