It’s hard to write a new post after my last ones. I discussed some pretty big and serious topics and staying in that league is not easy. I could write about how organic farming is the only way to save our world (climate, pollution, world hunger, …) or about lobbying, corporations and politics. But I don’t know if you’re reading my long posts at all. Well, they are long and tl;dr happens fast. Especially if it’s a topic you can’t feel comfortable about while reading.

A post about space pirates fighting female vampire ninjas while covering friend-zoning, conspiracy theories and Chinese horoscopes too would certainly attract more attention and would be a lot more entertaining to read – sure. But I’m a hopeless idealist and still trying to make the world a better place, which is not going to happen by posting about the above mentioned things.Sorry, folks. 😉

So I still don’t know where I’m trying to go with this blog. What do you want to see here?


7 Responses to “Metathoughts”

  1. Vinyanov Says:

    Just follow your motto. You said, “the […] most complicated things”. I believe Chinese horoscope matches this description. Actually, astology looks like a science, in that mastering it requires both having knowledge and doing calculations… And as for its actual merit… There might be no basis for its claims, naturally. Planets might not influence our lifes and behaviour in any way. But there is one benefit from knowing astrology. When you read your horoscope, you read a consolidated view of yourself, your character, strengths and weaknesses, tendencies etc. They might be true or not. But in any cause, you can later confront this view with reality, your own expectations, what you actually know of yourself, etc. By reading a chart you see, what *aspects* of your personality there are, that you can analyse in yourself (by either scientific or spiritual means…).

    (Although honestly, the Western one is complex enough to be hard to understand, leave alone the Eastern variants). 😉

    But seriously speaking, I personally enjoy reading about psychology the most. But I suppose that it is outside your interests, as you are rather an activist than an observer, so you are more concerned about many people than about a single person. BTW, the Zodiac is also psychology, in a sense… 😛

    From the the topics you mentioned, I guess that “organic farming” is the most interesting, or – at least – more so than politics, economy or business. Also because, as you mentioned, I would read about it relatively easily. I would have harder time reading about fellow people (politicians, economists, businessmen…), I suppose, especially since you’d probably not present them in a favourable light.

  2. johanp Says:

    I think you should post stuff that you want to post, opposed to stuff that readers want. I would imagine that it’s much easier to keep the ball rolling writing stuff that you actually know about and like to think about. But then again, I don’t know because I obviously failed myself. 🙂

  3. Salami Says:

    I agree with johanp.
    Though a lot of people would love to read about ninja vempires eating gay zombiez while texting their boyfriends or whatever you mentioned,
    if you won’t like writing about it (and I get you, it sounds like the worst fiction story e-v-e-r), it isn’t worth a second of your time.

  4. xiagan Says:

    Heh, thanks. There’s truth in the things you said.

    Johan, it’s more a problem about meeting my own expectations.
    Salami, I like writing fiction, but not about the above mentioned things.
    Viny, I actually studied psychology as a minor subject. + Horoscopes are humbug, but it may turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy if you truly believe in it.

  5. johanp Says:

    Lower your expectations. Write shorter entries. Don’t feel that you have to make a point. Then when you got the juices flowing, you can write the stuff that you’re really passionate about. But it’s hard to get there if you just want to write epic stuff – because that wont happen. 🙂

    Let’s not derail this too much but I’m an avid fan of self-fulfilling prophecies. The important thing to remember is to only believe in the positive ones.

  6. xiagan Says:

    Yeah, that’s the trick! 😉

  7. Crux Says:

    Female vampire ninjas? Sounds like a Chinese Twilight!

    Side note – Read Gathering Storm yet?

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