Let’s say I’m wrong…

…and there really IS a creator. An almighty entity who made the universe and everything else (including himself apparently).
You have to admit (but won’t) that this still doesn’t make it very likely that it is your abrahamic God. To believe in Creation makes things even more complicated. Here’s a bunch of questions which come to my mind when I think about Creation:

Why should it be only one creator?
And if it is only one (or one split in three [father, son, holy ghost] with a lot of lesser gods [saints]), why the one that appeared 2000-3000 years ago in the Middle East?
What about all the other people round the world who never heard about this regional god and were/are worshiping another god/other gods with their own holy books, or scrolls, or stones? If every holy book states its sole and ultimate truth and disposes all the others, how can you know that your holy book is the true one? Well, you can’t. But you believe that it is so. But why? Certainly not because you read all the others and this was the most convincing one. It’s more likely that you only read (or got teached about) this one and ignored all the others, starting in a time where you weren’t able or used to question what your parents or teachers or preachers say.
Besides from what  people think, and every religion has it’s signs and wonders, its miraculous healings and physics-defying occurrences (walking on water, coming back from the dead, …), the likeliness for them to be true is the same. And if all can be true it’s more likely that all are wrong.

So even if Creationism is right, the Creator(s) apparently never contacted us. There wouldn’t be so many different ultimate truths otherwise and people killing each other for them. And if he/she/it/they don’t care and/or don’t intervene, there is no need for worshiping him/her/it/them.

To live a good and fulfilling moral life with tolerance to others, we don’t need the idea of a god who will punish us otherwise. Kant’s Categorical Imperative: “Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law.“; or more simplified: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” (known as the Golden Rule, which appears in nearly every religion) should be enough.


7 Responses to “Let’s say I’m wrong…”

  1. Vonk Says:

    Love the part about the golden rule.

    ”So even if Creationism is right, the Creator(s) apparently never contacted us. There wouldn’t be so many different ultimate truths otherwise and people killing each other for them. And if he/she/it/they don’t care and/or don’t intervene, there is no need for worshiping him/her/it/them.”
    this is wrong though, when thinking the creator created you, you’re actually alive because of it, it should be plenty reason to worship him. People killing each other for them shouldn’t matter at all, if I kill your family in the name of Mike Tyson, will you be mad at Mike Tyson, or at me? Mike Tyson didn’t tell me to kill your family, neither did god. It shouldn’t be a reason to NOT worship the greater being. The reason he/she/it doesn’t intervene, is mysterious, god works in mysterious ways.

    Look, I could believe the other people I don’t know with their holy books. Or I could believe my own Priest of my own church, who has helped my family for generations, who I’ve known all my life. You see, same goes for them being religious, why believe some weird internet dude with glasses called Christian you never heard of, if your priest, your friend, your help in times of need, states otherwise?

    Having said all this, I have to add I’m not a religious person myself. If I had one wish, I’d wish that everyone lived according to the Golden Rule.

    Peace & Love.

    • xiagan Says:

      Thanks for the comment, David!

      Well, I don’t have a problem with worshiping in general (btw, you are actually alive because of your parents, do you worship them?), just when it becomes excessive and/or results in intolerance to others. It wasn’t formulated clear enough, but I meant mostly worshiping to gain something – like an afterlife in a nice place or cured cancer.
      And I was of course suspecting that nobody can know that their creator is the real one, so they may worship a wrong one.

      You missed my point about believing the religion of people you don’t know. I never said you should believe their god, I just wanted to make clear that there are others and the only fact why you believe in this special one is the place/family you’re born in and not something reasonable. 🙂

  2. Faye Says:

    But you just don’t get it: God spoke to them, they _know everybody else is wrong.

    • xiagan Says:

      Yeah, this whole delusion-thingy makes me feel like Don Quichotte fighting Windmills all the time… -.-

      • Faye Says:

        I guess there’s little point in fighting delusion with reason. Some people probably need their faith and they’re not going to let go of it. Actually I’m starting to believe that trying to reason with them by listing the arguments might not be the right approach.

    • yuki Says:

      It is nice knowing something in a world full of uncertainties where the only sureness lies in the abstract world of mathematics.

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