America, fuck yeah?

An open letter to the inhabitants of a free and glorious nation.

Dear US-Americans, being from a different cultural background I have some problems grasping how you roll. Let’s check some things to make sure you know what I’m talking about:

Starting with the election where Bush ‘won’ over Al Gore in 2000…

– It’s okay to let the supreme court stop a legal recount and appoint a president.
– It’s also okay to let lobbyists influence and write laws. For example when Cheney allowed Energy company officials to dictate energy policy.
– A covert CIA operative got outed? Not a problem.
– The passing of the USA PATRIOT Act 2001, a partial unconstitutional document which confines the American citizenship, was not a reason to get mad.
– Illegally invading a country that posed no threat to the US? – Hey, you did it a few times in the past and you still can do it, so why not again, eh?
– Oops, this illegal war costs more than 600 billion Dollar? Well, you have to break some eggs for an omelet, I guess.
– The Abu Grahib photos weren’t a reason to get mad either. Nor was the US torturing and water-boarding people.
– Not even the illegally wiretapping of Americans by the Government was enough to make you angry.
– The neglect scandal and the revealed horrible conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center only made you stir for a brief moment.
– The catastrophic crisis management of the New Orleans drowning – only a minor inconvenience.
– The deficit hitting the trillion dollar mark. Oh well, sigh, that’s economics. You can’t get mad at some numbers and stuff.

So all in all it seemed safe to assume that you won’t get mad no matter what happens. The thing that really surprised me and left me at a loss for words is that you finally got mad when … *drumrolls* … when the government decided that people in America deserved the right to see a doctor if they are sick.

What? Illegal wars, lies, corruption, lobbying, torture, wasting and stealing tax money to make the poor poorer and the rich richer, is completely okay. But helping other people, even other Americans. Not at any time? It feels as if most of your country has lost their fucking minds. How can the majority of  a big nation be so selfish, greedy, narcissistic and, of course, stupid?

And now you voted Republican to punish Obama for his failings (and being a Muslim Socialist of course…)? Haven’t you checked a single fact? Don’t you remember what Bush & Co did in the past? Is your memory really that short?

Every time I read a headline like this one: ‘The planet won’t be destroyed by global warming because God promised Noah’ (said by John Shimkus, a Republican congressman hoping to chair the powerful House Energy Committee) or this one: ‘Gays in military: Supreme Court ends bid to block ban’ it makes my skin crawl.

You really leave me speechless and worrying about our future. If two men are standing waist-deep in gasoline and the one has three matches and the other five, you’d assume they won’t be crazy enough to light them and throw them at each other. But if the matches are nuclear weapons and one of the two men is a madman… you know what I’m implying here. And it doesn’t matter at all if the men are Russian and American or Christian and Muslim or something else…

I added some pictures to underline what I just said.

America is a great country, so fucking start to act like one and not like an insecure and violent schoolyard bully.



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